Become a Pediatric Dental Crown Distributor

Acero Crowns works with a broad network of small, medium and large distributors. And currently we have been serving 5 continents in USA. We have been growing constantly and we always look out for expanding our distributor networks.

Why Acero Crowns?

Our dental crowns serve more than a purpose: (1) protect damaged teeth, (2) serve as amazing cosmetic cover for teeth. Our dental crowns are preferred by top dentists for treatments because they are highly durable, cost-effective and esthetic.

7 Reasons why top distributors prefer to partner with us!

  • Acero is the only manufacturer to offer full line of both stainless steel and esthetic stainless steel crowns.

  • FDA and ISO 13485 certified company

  • Greatest profit margin possible

  • Daily shipment processing

  • Acero collaborates closely with dealers to customize training for their sales reps as well as promotional projects.

  • Strong R&D program with innovative new products for the pediatric market.

  • Dental crowns exclusively made in USA.

Our Distributors

How to become a distributor?

If you are interested in becoming our authorized distributor of Acero Crowns dental products, please fill out the form below and our executives will contact you in a short span of time.

To learn more about the benefitsof being on Acero Crowns Distributor, contact us for more information.

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