AceroXT Original Crowns crafted out of surgical-grade 316 stainless steel are available in 48 molar and 36 anterior sizes. The preformed and pre-contoured bell-shaped crowns manufactured with optimal thickness replicate the contacts and embrasures of natural dentition to prevent microgaps and wear from mastication.

The AceroXT Original crowns resistant to corrosion compared to crowns made of 304 stainless steel by competitors. The crowns are labeled using the Universal/National System of Tooth Numbering with letters A thru T to identify the corresponding primary tooth with ease. Available in different sizes to fit all teeth.


Compare XT Molar to the 3S Molar

Acero XT Molar - The original crown that launched Acero back in 2007.  This crown was specifically designed to be slightly shorter in crown height for ease of placement for those dentists that tended to cut and trim their crowns often. It is a favorite of most dentists with over 10 million crowns sold.
Acero 3S Molar - Acero’s newest line of molar crowns in standard crown height. The 3S molar sizing is similar to the other brand name crowns on the market.
Both the XT and 3S have the following desirable traits: They are both bell shaped, come in 48 pre-contoured sizes for fast easy placement, shallow occlusal anatomy and 100% surgical grade stainless steel.


    • Half the price of other leading brands
    • Preformed and pre-contoured to prevent microgaps
    • Surgical-grade 316 U.S. stainless steel
    • Snaps into place
    • Slightly shorter crown height

    Acero XT anterior kit includes:

    • 2 crowns each for sizes 1-6
    • 72 Crowns
    • Professional Storage Tray with labels

    Acero XT molar kit includes:

    • 2 crowns each for sizes 2–7
    • 96 Crowns
    • Professional Storage Tray with labels

    Crown Details

    STEEL GRADE: Surgical 316L Grade Stainless Steel
    LABELING: Universal/National System
    SAVINGS: 40% - 65%
    SHAPE: Bell
    CRIMPED: Cervical Margin
    PREFORMED: Shorter Height
    ADHESIVE: Multiple
    CROWN TYPE: Posterior & Anterior Crowns