Stainless Steel Crowns

Acero3S crowns are crafted from surgical-grade 316L stainless steel. They are more resistant to corrosion than 304 stainless steel used by other brands. Our stainless steel crowns are preformed and pre-contoured (or commonly referred to as “pre-crimped”) with shallow occlusal anatomy to:

Preserve a healthy tooth structure, with less tooth reduction required. 

The bell-shaped crowns replicate the contacts & embrasures of natural teeth. They are created with optimal thickness throughout to prevent occlusal wear from mastication. Our pediatric crowns are exclusively made in the U.S. and come with easy-to-read numbers. They are interchangeable with other leading brands and are available at “half the price” than other brands.


  • Half the price of other other brands
  • Laser-etched sizes
  • Surgical-grade 316L U.S. stainless steel
  • Made in the U.S.
  • 100% compatible and interchangeable with the leading brands
  • Preformed and pre-contoured

Crown Details

Crown Details

NUMBERING: Laser etched
SAVINGS: 40-65%
CRIMPED: Lingual Cervical Margin
PREFORMED: Life-like height
ADHESIVE: Multiple
CATEGORIES: Posterior crowns

Additional Details

What are Stainless Steel Crowns?

Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC) are performed metal crowns that are used for restoring extremely decayed or damaged milk teeth.

They are primarily used on the posterior (or backside) milk teeth. They are never preferred for front milk teeth because of its steel or silvery appearance. Besides this, placing them on the front can irritate the gum and the supporting structure of the permanent teeth. 

When are Stainless Steel Crowns Used?

Stainless steel crowns can be used in various circumstances:

•    When a tooth’s crown is broken or fractured.
•    When a tooth is damaged or decayed severely.
•    When a few teeth are abnormal right from birth.
•    When a child has a very high levels of dental caries.
•    When there is an underlying disease, which causes the need to place a crown.
•    When no other material suits the restoration procedure and SSCs are the only choice.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Crowns

When a baby tooth has decayed heavily and using any other filling material isn't a good option, the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends restoring it with a quality stainless steel crown, especially if it has received a pulpal therapy. 

SSCs have these advantages:

•    They are cost-effective and highly durable.
•    They adapt to the tooth properly and doesn’t cause any leakage. 
•    They offer full coverage for the tooth, making sure that it stays protected.
•    They can be placed easily on the tooth because they are already “performed.”
•    They are an ideal choice for kids who need General Anesthesia. 
•    When compared to other materials used for tooth restoration, SSCs have a success rate of 96%. 
•    Despite the significant loss of the tooth’s crown structure, the tooth can be still restored.

Customer Reviews

I switched to Acero Crowns because I found that the Acero crown was equal to 3M ion ni-chro crown and 44% less. When Medicaid is reducing the reimbursement amount, I had to look for similar quality supplies that were less. -- Bruce Howell DDS, Provo, UT

I went to a dental conference years ago when Acero just started. I liked the thickness and make of their crowns so I got a starter kit to try. Since then, these are the only crowns I'll buy. The quality is far superior than other makers. Our pediatric practice places thousands of crowns a year and Acero crowns hold up better than the competitor's brand. The quality and price can't be beat! -- Conway Jensen DDS, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

We have been using Acero Crowns for the last two years and could not be happier! The fit of the crowns is great, and the quality is excellent. Furthermore, the customer service is amazing. Communication is key to success, and it's great to know that we have a vendor that responds quickly and effectively and can help us navigate through any issues. I would definitely recommend Acero Crowns not only for the product itself, but for the people who stand behind the product. --Dr. William Pena, DMD

Thank you for the donation of stainless steel crowns given to Children's Dental Health Services.  With these crowns, we are able to provide the essential restorative dental care to many underserved children who would otherwise go without these services. With the support from you and Acero Crowns, Children's Dental Health Services is able to continue to live out the mission of providing dental services to the underserved population. As the need to provide these services continues to grow, we truly appreciate your generosity as this support helps us to sustain the essential dental health care for children in need. Once again, a heart-felt "Thank You" for your charitable contribution. -- Sarah Hayes, Children's Dental Health Services