Acero ES Esthetic Anterior Crowns are manufactured using 316L surgical-grade stainless steel veneered with durable white resin. Acero ES crowns are proven to be highly fracture-resistant and are available in 6 different sizes. Our esthetic crowns, come in two shades - original vita B1 and light vita M2, both are created with the optimal thickness to prevent the fracture from mastication and replicate the contacts and embrasures. The crowns are labeled using the Universal Numbering System with letters A through T for easy identification of the corresponding primary tooth.


  • Cost 25% less than other brands
  • Life-like Translucency.
  • 100% compatible and interchangeable with leading brands

Crown Details

Crown Details

LABELING: Universal Numbering System
SAVINGS: 25-35%
SHADES: Original (vita B1) & Light (vita M2)
CRIMP: Lingual Cervical Margin
PREFORMED: Life-like Height
ADHESIVE: Multiple
CATEGORIES: Anterior crowns

Customer Reviews

We switched due to price; 1/2 of what we were paying. We stayed due to the quality. Didn't know about the fact that they are made by US Veterans but this makes them even better. My 3M rep said he would "match the Acero price". I told him, "No, if you could have done it, you should have 10 years ago. - Boyd Simkins DDS, Ogden, UT

My favorite thing is that they are more affordable than the other products out there. The durability is excellent, and they are also easier to use. My assistants, especially the newer ones, love the numbering system, and we know how important it is to keep them happy. I would absolutely recommend Acero Crowns to anyone who practices pediatric dentistry. - Russell Choy DDS