With each trip Acero Crowns takes, we are provided with numerous inspiring stories. These stories are what makes doing what we do all worth it. Browse a few of our most inspiring stories below.


Thank you again for the donation

Hi Dr Park,

Thank you again for the donation. The trip was successful and the crowns were ever so needed! I've attached some photos of us in action.

For this trip we treated children who live in a group home. Our contact in Mexico City, Dr. Claudia, let us use her clinic and the folks with the Love at Work Foundation organized transportation for the kids. It was a GREAT trip and your donations made a huge difference!

- Adam Hine


"We have been working with local orphanages, schools, churches, and community groups to get to the children that need our care the most. The response has been great and the Acero Crowns are working great. By plan, all of our equipment is portable so we can set up a clinic anywhere we can plug in. We are able to provide comprehensive dental care and not just extraction with our portable clinic. One of the biggest challenges is the age of kids we treat. Some of the children are very young and aren't able to cooperate for dental care."


- Dr. Cameron Quayle - Guatemala

The Vine and Branch Foundation


We would like to personally thank you and Acero Crowns for making our work possible.

Your in kind gift will make a great impact in the lives of those less-fortunate by providing dental supplies for the members of our mission trip team.

The current and future success of providing dental care to those in need is successful because of the continued generosity of companies like yours.

- Mary Doornbos, DMD
  Grant Doornbos, MD
  Grant Hogan, DDS, MD
  Trinoh Rojas, MD

Contribution to Our Humanitarian Service in Samoa

Thank you for your kind contribution of ACERO stainless-steel crown sets to be utilized to treat children of the Samoan Islands. Your contribution to our humanitarian trip made a difference. While in Samoa we provided our dental services out of the Pesega Dental Clinic in the city of Apia, Samoa.  The Pesega clinic did not have a complete crown set at the time of our arrival.  Your contribution of ACERO crown sets allowed us to treat many pediatric patients and to leave a legacy of ACERO crowns behind in Samoa.

- David M.S. Stewart - Samoa


"I have done medical missions in the past but nothing prepared me for Tonga. It is the island that the world forgot and the genuine appreciation for what you do is overwhelming. The Acero Crowns were very much appreciated as they only had straight walled crowns and limited quantities. The attending dentist was shocked by your donation and the parents were surprised that their kids now we're getting real looking teeth instead of the straight walled look. We are now planning to return this coming December to do it all over again."


- Dr. Matthew Choplin - Tonga


"Our team traveled to Guatemala City then drove about 6hours west to Quiche. We set up the dental clinic on Sunday evening, then proceeded to see all the children over the next 4 days. Proceduresperformedrangedfrom basic cleanings to fillings and extractions and to pulpotomies and SSCs. With the generous donation of crowns from Acero Crowns, our pediatric dentist was able to effectively treat and provide quality care to numerous patients. We hope to instill in the students a desire to work and study hard to then be able to help change and impact their own communities in the future.

- Dr. Vinitha Jacobs - Guatemala

Chad talking about Charity Work