Continuing our mission to bring the highest quality pediatric crowns as well as giving dentists the most value, Acero is proud to launch our new Z1 preformed zirconia crowns. The Z1 crowns are simply beautiful with the morphology and translucency of the natural tooth. Our molar crowns have a flat occlusal inner surface with retentive boxes making tooth preparation simple and quick while providing great retention for the crowns.


  • High Strength
  • Load bearing 1200 MPa
  • Wear resistant
  • Biocompatible
  • Superior esthetics

Crown Details

Crown Details
  • Sandblasted inner surface
  • Uniform axial thickness
  • Feather edge margin
  • Retentive boxes (molar crowns)
  • Flat occlusal surface
  • User friendly
  • Universal Numbering System
  • Bilateral anterior crowns for less inventory
  • Regular and narrow sizing for molar crowns
Additional Details

Why Zirconia ?

Zirconia has been used in dentistry for years and is prized for its strength, biocompatibility, and esthetic qualities.

Posterior design

  • Flat internal occlusal surface with retentive boxes for easy preparation and strong retention.
  • Thin uniform axial thickness for less tooth reduction.
  • 24 total anterior crown sizes and 64 total molar sizes to fit any tooth.
  • Sandblasted internal surface greatly increases adhesion to the tooth.
  • Beautiful esthetics with Vita A1 shade with the translucency and contours of natural teeth.
  • User friendly universal numbering system for simple and reliable identification.

Anterior design

  • Bilateral design allows for less inventory needed.
  • Sandblasted internal surface for high adhesion and retention of the crown.
  • User friendly Universal Numbering System.
  • Beautiful translucency and contours of a natural tooth.


Sterilization technique

Acero Z1 crowns can be sterilized in a steam autoclave.

Customer Reviews

I went to a dental conference years ago when Acero just started. I liked the thickness and make of their crowns so I got a starter kit to try. Since then, these are the only crowns I’ll buy. The quality is far superior than other makers. Our pediatric practice places thousands of crowns a year and Acero crowns hold up better than the competitor’s brand. The quality and price can’t be beat! — Bruce howell DDS, Provo, UT

We have been using Acero Crowns for the last two years and could not be happier! The fit of the crowns is great, and the quality is excellent. Furthermore, the customer service is amazing. Communication is key to success, and it’s great to know that we have a vendor that responds quickly and effectively and can help us navigate through any issues. I would definitely recommend Acero Crowns not only for the product itself, but for the people who stand behind the product.—Dr. William Pena, DMD