Acero Advantage


Feature Acero Logo Competition Description
STEEL GRADE * 316L Grade 304 Grade Acero uses surgical-grade stainless steel which is more resistant to corrosion.
NUMBERING * Universal Palmer Acero uses the A-T Universal Numbering System.
SAVINGS * 40% - 65% 0% Acero crowns cost 40%-65% less than other leading brands stainless steel crowns.
SHAPE Bell Bell This shape accurately duplicates the anatomy of primary molars.
CRIMPED Cervical Margin Cervical Margin Provides for proper retention and a snap fit.
PREFORMED Life-like Height Life-like Height Allows for appropriate contour and occlusal surface.
TRIMMING Yes Yes Trimming can be performed with crown scissors or an abrasive wheel.
ADHESIVE Multiple Multiple Resin-modified glass ionomer, polycarboxylate or zinc phosphate.

Reduced Costs

Our Crowns crafted using 316L stainless steel are identical in size to the competitors yet cost only HALF THEIR PRICES!


Our entire line of crowns is completely interchangeable and compatible with other brands.

Acero advantage


We use the universal numbering system for primary teeth to identify our Crowns, the system all dentists and dental assistants are familiar with.

Numbering System

"My favorite thing is that they are more affordable than the other products out there. The durability is excellent, and they are also easier to use. My assistants, especially the newer ones, love the numbering system, and we know how important it is to keep them happy. I would absolutely recommend Acero Crowns to anyone who practices pediatric dentistry."

— Russell Choy DDS