My Temporary Crown Fell Out: What Should I Do?

Dental crowns are fixed in at least two dental appointments. Therefore, they require you to use a temporary crown in between your visits. Now, understand that this initial restoration isn’t sturdy as the permanent one, and chances are that it might fall off. Now, this leaves you panicked and pondering with a few questions—my temporary crown fell out, what should I do and how to fix it?

So, is there a solution to this?

Well, yes. But first, don’t panic!

We understand that this can be alarming, especially when it happens on a weekend or at night because you can’t go to the dentist. But you really need to calm down and follow the steps written below.

What to Do if My Temporary Crown Falls Off?

The temporary crown fell off? Here’s what you need to do. 

  • First, remove the temporary crown or the broken piece carefully. 

  • Second, rinse your mouth thoroughly to get rid of shards. 

  • Third, observe the tooth and run your tongue gently over the edges. Are they smooth? or there's a jagged edge? Now, this information is something you need to share with your dentist on the call. 

  • Call your dentist and explain everything in detail and follow the instructions that he or she gives.

For some reasons, if you’re not able to reach your dentist via call, there are a few things you need to know. 

1. First things first: Be calm

We understand that your temporary crown fell out and the situation can be a little panicking. But that will only incline your stress levels. So, first you need to calm down. There’s nothing to be worried about because this happens to most of the patients that are getting their dental crowns fixed. 

Understand that it can be fixed back. Yes, it might be a little painful (not unbearable though), but this damage isn’t permanent.

2. Use toothpaste to fix back the temporary crown

You can fix the temporary crown back on its place on your own. This is especially true when you can’t make it to the dentist or have access to a denture glue. The best alternative is to use a little toothpaste or chapstick or vaseline to hold it.

  • But before you use it, make sure to clean your temporary crown (from the inside) as well as the tooth, as this prevents the risk of trapping bacteria. 

  • Don’t forget to remove your temporary crown while sleeping or eating. 

  • Ensure that the temporary crown fits properly with a nice bite and is 100% comfortable. 

3. Check if there are any rough edges 

Run your tongue gently where the crown has come off to check if the leftover cement or your tooth is rough or not. If it is sharp, use a little orthodontic wax on it. This is available at any drugstore (just in case you aren’t able to reach the dentist’s place). Using this wax prevents the sharp edges from irritating or cutting your cheek or tongue.

4. Make sure to rinse your mouth frequently 

Rinsing frequently is the key step here because you want the region to be 100% clean and ensure that there’s no damage to the exposed tooth. But don’t be rigorous while rinsing. Be gentle and careful.

5. Never chew on the side where the crown is

Since the biting surface isn’t there now, you need to keep both pressure and food away from your crown area. Understand that the exposed tooth isn’t as stable as the permanent tooth. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to shift it. Even a slight movement can completely change the way a crown (permanent) fits. And even if you have fixed the temporary crown with toothpaste or anything else, you should avoid chewing that side, as it is less stable.

A temporary crown falls off pretty often. So, you don’t really want to keep it for too long without having your dentist fix it. Understand that the fixation tips mentioned above are only to be applied when you don’t have access to the dentist’s office and your temporary crown has come off at night or on the weekend. 

And if you probably think that going without that “temporary crown” is all okay, then you are totally wrong. It  will only jeopardize your:

  • Tooth’s health 

  • The placement of your permanent crown

 You don’t want that, right?

What is a Temporary Crown?

A temporary crown is a restoration that’s made for the patient to be worn for at least 1 - 2 weeks to cover the tooth (which is reshaped) for a permanent crown. It also prevents sensitivity as well as keeping it rightly placed.

What is the Temporary Crown Made of?

The temporary crown is made of plastic and is shaped properly to match the affected tooth’s definition as close as possible. 

Your dentist will use a temporary adhesive to keep the crown in place. The permanent crown, on the other hand, is made in another lab. During the 2nd or the follow-up visit with your dentist, your temporary crown will be removed. Then a permanent crown will be placed securely on the top of the prepared tooth. 

Why does a Temporary Crown Falls Off? 

A temporary crown can fall off due to different reasons, which are associated with either your temporary crown or underlying tooth itself. The temporary crown’s retention to a great extent depends on the structure of the tooth surrounding your crown. 

Some of the common reasons include:

  • Trauma

  • Heavy teeth grinding

  • Tooth decay 


If any of the above reasons aren’t the reason for the tooth to fall off, then it should be due to the adhesive that’s used to fix the crown. It might have failed to stick there and would have left your crown loose.