temporary crown

What you need to know before getting a Temporary Crown

Dental procedures are advancing by each passing day and have become one of the most studied subjects in the world recently. More and more people are now understanding the need to have healthy teeth and dental hygiene as dental problems are… more

Crowns v/s filling

A guide to tooth cavities and treatment procedures

Our teeth are a precious tool and it needs the best of care for it’s effective utilization. Human teeth have a biting force of upto 50psi which is a force enough to bite down a carrot or even tear apart a piece of meat. If the teeth are not taken… more

crown vs filling

Dental Procedures for a healthy set of teeth

Dental health is one of the most important no thanks to all the junk food and beverages we intake on a daily basis. An average teenager consumes salty, cheesy, greasy and sugary foods over 10 times a week when compared to an adult. Those who have… more

Porcelain and ceramic dental crowns for kids

Porcelain and Ceramic Dental Crowns: An Introduction

Giving importance to good dental health is as important as the attention we give to our general physical health. Teeth, being exposed to a variety of bacteria, their health needs special attention. But how much ever we care for it, some bacteria… more

Stainless Steel crowns


Stainless steel crowns are extra-coronal restorations that are used particularly in the restoration of grossly broken down teeth and large multi-surface cavities. The placement of traditional stainless steel crowns can be challenging for the patient… more

Are stainless crowns necessary for baby teeth

The necessity of stainless-steel crowns for deciduous teeth from pulpotomy

As soon as one hears about stainless steel dental crowns a silvery tooth-like image will pop in the visual cortex of the brain. All we know is it’s a metal cap that is generally inserted into the premolars but it’s more than that. It is a boon to… more

dental crown replacement procedure

Dental Crown-types, experience, replacement procedure and reasons

Nothing lasts forever and so don’t dental crowns. They need replacing in time, however there are other reasons too for patients to ask for a replacement. Reasons could include not liking the shape or color of the crown, development of a black band… more

How strong are front teeth crowns?

How strong are front teeth crowns?

Before we get into how strong front teeth crowns actually are, let us first understand what dental crowns are. Dental crowns are used to cover teeth that are damaged in some way or the other.

How long do dental implants last?

How long do dental implants last?

Crowns are tooth-shaped covers for your teeth and are sometimes used for cosmetic purposes too. It is also used to protect slightly damaged teeth from further damage. And front teeth crowns are the most visible and therefore have to look the most… more