pediatric stainless steel crowns

Pediatric Dental Crowns for Child’s Baby Teeth

Dental Crowns are a marvel of medical innovation that has solved many complex dentistry problems in the modern day. A dental crown can be an easy alternative to many problems that used to require interventive treatment such as root canal or tooth… more

caps for baby teeth

Stainless Steel Crowns for Kids

Childrens teeth are quite different from adult teeth. Unlike most common perception, children’s teeth or baby teeth require more care and attention as they are susceptible to infection and many other problems early on in their age.

types of posterior crown

How many times can Posterior Crowns be Replaced?

Dental Crowns are the most modern and effective solution to many of the dental problems that patients face currently. Most patients have a loose or a weakened tooth, either due to an infection, or broken off due to instability or cracks.

crown fell off root canal tooth

How to Care for your Dental Crown Post RCT

Root Canal Procedures are very common and are considered an out-patient, non-invasive, minor procedure. 1 in every 5 people in the world would have either undergone a root canal procedure or would have considered going through one. It has become… more

Root Canal Treatments and Dental Crowns

Root Canal Treatments and Dental Crowns

Dental treatments are one of the most important medical treatments and dental hygiene, although very ignored, is one of the most important to keep up with. The world of dentistry has evolved so much in the past decade. Many new technologies,… more

permanent tooth filling cement

Dental Cements and their Uses

Dental procedures are one of the most ancient and there are so many manuscripts about treating the teeth with various traditional and surgical methods around the globe. Dentistry dates back to as long as 9000 years ago, when ancient healers and… more

temporary crown pain

Tooth Pains and What Causes them

Taking care of your teeth is something they teach us from the very beginning. Even in kindergarten, teachers and rhymes and stories elicit the importance of healthy teeth and gums and how they benefit us over long term. Having bad oral health is… more

temporary dental cement

Things to know about Dental Cements

Dental procedures are complicated and far more advanced than before these days. Thanks to the awareness in dental hygiene, we as the younger generation are taking steps towards oral hygiene and dental well-being more seriously. One of the most… more

temporary crown

What you need to know before getting a Temporary Crown

Dental procedures are advancing by each passing day and have become one of the most studied subjects in the world recently. More and more people are now understanding the need to have healthy teeth and dental hygiene as dental problems are… more