Guide to Stainless Steel Crowns for Adults

A Complete Guide to Stainless Steel Crowns for Adults

Dental crowns are prosthetics which are used to cover up misshapen teeth and restore the smile on your face. We’ve seen a number of villains smile wide with stainless steel crowns. If your teeth are weak or broken, these crowns are an excellent fix… more

Stainless Steel Crown vs Porcelain

Stainless Steel Crown vs Porcelain

Need proper information about Porcelain and Stainless Steel dental crowns? We’ll tell you all about them. Read on.

how long can a temporary crown last

How Long can a Temporary Crown Last?

Wondering how long can a temporary crown last? Well, they can last anywhere from 3 - 21 days. However, they need to be replaced, depending on any ongoing periodontal or endodontic treatment. The dentist may delay fitting the permanent crown.

How to Take Care of Your Dental Crowns?

How to Take Care of Your Dental Crowns?

Those who have the experience of wearing a dental crown know the importance of maintaining them. Irrespective of whether they are temporary crowns or permanent ones, it is imperative that we take care of them for better oral health. This contributes… more

my temporary crown fell out

My Temporary Crown Fell Out: What Should I Do?

Wondering what to do if your temporary crown fell out? Then here’s the solution. Take out the crown and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Use toothpaste or vaseline to fix it back. The solution is only temporary when it has come off at night or on the… more

How Are Dental Crowns Made

How Are Dental Crowns Made?

A dental crown can be defined as a tooth-shaped cap or cover that dentists place over a tooth in order to cover it and restore its shape, strength as well as size. Dental crowns are likewise used to improve the appearance of disfigured and/or… more

stainless steel crowns for children

Stainless Steel Crowns - A Complete and Definitive Guide

Dentists recommend stainless steel crowns for children, based on the condition and how badly is a tooth affected. To make you aware of them, here is an in-depth article that highlights its uses, restoration procedures, types of crowns a dentist… more

dental crowns for front teeth

Dental Crowns For Your Front Teeth

Before we jump into the advantages of dental crown for your front teeth, let us rewind and start from the basics. While talking about teeth, they are made from the most durable material in the body - the enamel and can hold the ground for long… more

permanent dental glue for crowns

Temporary & Permanent Dental Glue For Crowns

What is permanent dental glue for crowns? Well, glue is the common term used for dental glue, and the permanent dental glue is the adhesive used for a fixed restoration that permanently attaches the abutment teeth with the crowns.