dental caps vs crowns

Dental Caps vs Crowns: What Should You Know?

If you have been reading about dental crowns lately, then you might have come across the term “dental caps” as well. This might often make you wonder what they are. To make it clear and answer your questions, here is an in-depth article that… more

how long does a dental cleaning take

How Long Does A Dental Cleaning Take?

The process of dental cleaning involves removing tarter deposits and plaque, which have built up on your teeth over the years. If you are planning to get your teeth cleaned, then, you might want to know how long does a dental cleaning take and what… more

gold crowns

Dental Crowns Material: Which Is The Best For You?

A dental crown is a small, cap-like restoration, which covers a cracked or damaged tooth. It gives complete support to a badly broken or misshapen tooth, and replaces a missing tooth permanently to ensure that you have a beautiful smile. Now, when… more

how long do dental crowns usually last

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

A dental crown is the covering, which fits over the existing tooth in order to make it appear and feel just as a normal tooth. It is often used whenever a tooth is damaged or cracked or lost its original structure. Talking of them, there is one… more

Types Of Dental Crowns

8 Types Of Dental Crowns And Their Uses

Dental crowns have emerged as the novel and less painful concept of restructuring and revitalizing the affected tooth/teeth. Though they have been in existence since ancient times, dental crowns underwent a demand surge until recently, where they… more