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Dental Crowns Material: Which Is The Best For You?

A dental crown is a small, cap-like restoration, which covers a cracked or damaged tooth. It gives complete support to a badly broken or misshapen tooth, and replaces a missing tooth permanently to ensure that you have a beautiful smile. Now, when… more

how long do dental crowns usually last

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

A dental crown is the covering, which fits over the existing tooth in order to make it appear and feel just as a normal tooth. It is often used whenever a tooth is damaged or cracked or lost its original structure. Talking of them, there is one… more

Types Of Dental Crowns

8 Types Of Dental Crowns And Their Uses

Dental crowns have emerged as the novel and less painful concept of restructuring and revitalizing the affected tooth/teeth. Though they have been in existence since ancient times, dental crowns underwent a demand surge until recently, where they… more